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Irene Caesar, Ph.D. is a President and Founder of WAVE GENOME. She has founded WAVE GENOME in 2010 in Stamford, Connecticut, to lead the global QUANTUM LEAP in Laser Bioholography, Holonet (Holographic Biointernet), holographic drugs, Remote Bioengineering, and bioelectronics. WAVE GENOME is an American company, located now in Manchester, Connecticut, which is proud to be the leading competitor of major players in the field of bioelectronics, such as Elon Musk with his  Neuralink, and Google with its R&D race for bioelectronic drugs. WAVE GENOME is ahead of Google for 8 years of actual sales and 50 years beyond R&D.

For developing and producing its products and clinical trials, WAVE GENOME is teaming with the most advanced scientists all over the world, e.g., Moscow Bauman Russian State Technical University, and the Scientific Research Institute for National Security in Moscow. WAVE GENOME pioneered the transfer of bioholograms of drugs upon electret-based chips via laser - the idea offered by Wave Genome to the above mentioned institutions.

Dr. Caesar holds a doctorate degree in philosophy of science, and is an author of three books. She is an author of the structuralist theory of wave genome. In August 2012, Dr. Caesar co-founded the Consortium MATRIX CITY with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building human settlements of a completely new type, with the application of the information-wave technologies of the Quantum Leap.

In May 2013, Dr. Caesar formulated the principles of the Quantum Internet, based upon her principle of the uniqueness of the non-local wave matrices (Irene Caesar, 2012), and instantaneous transmission between all tokens of the same unique non-local wave matrix. Dr. Caesar presented her project MATRIX CITY in her public lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012.

Irene Caesar, Ph.D., is regularly presenting her research at the major Science Conferences all over the world.

In November 2017, Dr. Caesar was invited to head the Neural Engineering Section at the BIT's 1st WORLD CONGRESS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Theme: Co-creating a New Future of Biomedicine, November 9-11, 2017, in Xi'an, China.


The device consists of two parts: a chip in a pendant and a computer program (software) on a flash drive.


The user wears a pendant with a chip inside on his/her neck at the level of the solar plexus. We have chips of first and second generation. First generation chip is an artificial polymer crystal with electret properties, which has two modules, depending on how you turn it towards your body: open module (reinforcing the impact of a user on the environment) and closed (protecting a user from the harmful effects of the environment). Second generation chip (more advanced) has the entirely holographic technology, and functions through the focus / zero center of the scalar wave diffraction grating in the hologram encoded into the chip via laser on nanolevel.

Chips are structured by laser at the nano level. The laser writes to the chip at the nano level client's digitized biohologram, which is read by the laser from the childhood photograph, placenta or umbilical cord blood of the client for the individual generators, or the biogologram of a average healthy person for the generic generators.

When user is wearing the chip, the electret is emitting the wave crystalline structure (hologram or matrix) upon the user, and makes his chromosomes repeat the wave crystalline structure of a healthy person during cell division.

The laser and chip itself use the principle of Kozyrev Mirrors. The Universe consists of energy for 93%, and of particles only for 7%, and particles are the concentrated energy. The universe is holographic, that is, it is entirely in its every Matrix Point. Wave Hologram or Matrices exist in two forms: in the form of a Torus (simultaneously present from the infinitely small to the infinitely large dimensions) and in the form of the Wave Crystal. Man exists in the form of a Torus during sleep. During waking hours, the person is in the form of a Wave Crystal.

Wave Crystals are formed in the structures, which reproduce in their shape the Kozyrev Mirrors. Kozyrev Mirrors reflect any external wave signal, and, therefore, are called "mirrors". These structures neutralize any external linear signal, and refract it towards their Zero Center or focus. Neutralization of any external signal happens due to the reflection of the wave and the polarization, and the creation of a so-called standing (scalar wave). Trough of the back-running wave neutralizes the peak of the forward-going wave, when the initial wave is reflected. This provides protection from harmful electro-magnetic and other technogenic or anthropogenic influences.

As a result of the standing (scalar) wave, there emerges the interference (diffraction) grating, which refracts any next linear signal line towards the center (focus) of the Wave Crystal.

It is necessary to know this, because all the information in the universe is transmitted and received only through the Zero Center of the Wave Crystal. This is analogous to the work of our eye. We see only because there is the gathering of all the external linear signals in the focus of the lens (Wave Crystal). If focus is not achieved, and the refraction of the signal takes place before or behind the center of the lens, we have developed the long-sightedness (hyperopia), or the long-sightedness (myopia), and we don't see well. Receiving information by both our eye, and our DNA takes place strictly in accordance with the laws of geometrical optics. The technology used for creating the chip is called "Polarized Holography".

It is possible to record and transmit only a holographic signal. To record Wave Crystals (Bioholograms or Matrices) of users, we use devices that can record and transmit holographic signal - He-Ne laser with internal mirrors. These lasers convert any external linear signal into a holographic signal, i.e., changing the nature of the initial signal. For example, our bones produce stem cells only because their shape and structure is analogous to the laser tubes, which "involute" a signal.

Similarly, our DNA is able to transmit and receive information, only because, in its structure, it is the Wave Crystal. Two strands of DNA are literally the standing (scalar) wave, since in the first strand of DNA, a wave goes in the direction opposite to the wave going in the second strand of DNA. Moreover, DNA coils into the crystalline structure, which literally reproduces the interference / diffraction grating of the standing wave in the Kozyrev Mirror, in order to most accurately refract any external linear signal toward the Zero Center / Focus of its Wave Crystal.

We live only thanks to cell division. During cell division, chromosome is formed. A chromosome is formed when two sisters chromatids unite together into a cruciform structure. Chromosomes come in two main shapes: acrocentric and metacentric. In acrocentric chromosomes, two endings of the sisters chromatids are shorter than the other two endings. On the contrary, metacentric chromosome has all the endings the same, so that it is absolutely symmetrical. Metacentric chromosome resembles the quadratic / symmetrical cross (Crux Quadrata / Gammadion), as well as the lens of a well-seeing eye. The same gene in apes, in children with Down syndrome, and wild horses of Przewalski has the acrocentric chromosome, whereas in humans, normal children, and Arabian horses, the same gene has the metacentric shape of the chromosome. That is, the functionality of the species directly depends upon the shape of chromosome, that is, upon the laws of the Polarized Holography of Wave Crystals.

Our device is centering and focusing the chromosomes during cell division, giving them the metacentric form.

Because the entire universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, each Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique (© Irene Caesar, 2012). Each Matrix of each person is the uncreated and indestructible unique nonlocal Wave Matrix. If we have two copies of a unique non-local Wave Matrix, we can instantaneously transfer information from one copy of a unique non-local Wave Matrix to another copy. In this way, birds and insects share one unique non-local Wave Matrix for their entire species, and instantaneously transmit information between all individuals of a given species. But each man has his own unique nonlocal Wave Matrix. If you order an individual generator, you get your unique non-local Wave Matrix with the most clear focus / center of the Wave Crystal. Your generator transmits upon your chromosomes your unique uncreated and indestructible information from the noosphere of the universe. If you order the generic (universal) generator, its action is limited, but it, nevertheless, helps your chromosomes to get centered and focused.

We also offer the remote therapy by the distant laser signal that instantly, through Quantum Non-locality, affects your genetic apparatus according to the principle described above. The user uses his/her individual generator as an antenna and a filter for the remote laser signal.

The user uses the computer program (software) every day once a day in a normal state of health, and several times a day, depending on the complexity of his/her state of health. When working with the computer program of the generator, the user must turn his/her generator to the open module.

Computer program of the generator is a comprehensive Digital Pharmacy of the digitized Bioholograms (Wave Crystal structures or Matrices) of all healthy vitally important organs and physiological systems. The user tales a self-test for self-therapy, and the program generates for him the granular (holographic) signal, which is encoded in the music.

Self-therapy is the binaural therapy, which uses the Kozyrev Mirrors principle alike the chip inside the generator. Binaural therapy is based on the effect of the stereo signal to both ears, so that signal is delayed in one ear with respect to the signal applied to the second ear. It is in this way that the Kozyrev Mirrors effect is created, when human skull itself becomes the Kozyrev Mirror. The signal is reflected; there emerges a standing (scalar), the wave interference / diffraction grating; and the signal is refracted toward the Zero Center / focus of the wave crystal.

Also, the user can order any pill or tincture in the form of a software module of the Digital Pharmacy. Digital Pill module is attached to the Digital Pharmacy software, and the user receives the Digital Pill as the granular (holographic) signal encoded in the music. We record the Digital Pill via a laser and as the wave structure (Hologram or Matrix), which is afterwards gets digitized. Digital Pills do not have the danger of overdose and side effects.
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